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Visitors & Contractors

Create the safest workplace for all your guests

Seamless and safe visitor management for everyone who’s arriving and leaving your workplace.

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How it works

ipad with printer

Greet guests with intuitive kiosks and ID printing

  • Fast and efficient front desk kiosk solution using a tablet or smartphone.
  • Easily print ID badges where required with onsite label printers.
  • Contactless sign-in with kiosk functionality means you can still print your ID badge.

Keep everyone safe with Contactless (mobile) Sign-in

  • Create QR codes for visitor sign-in, which can be printed or displayed on kiosk tablet.
  • Screening questions can be displayed (Covid19 requirements), and alerts can be sent for any discrepancies upon sign in.
  • Display customised visitor policies during check-in via digital display or on smart phone to inform or get acceptance from visitors.
  • Upload documents at sign in, like certificates and other compliance documentation, and be alerted if there’s non-compliance.
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Save time for everyone with pre-approved sign-ins for contractors

  • Streamline contractor approvals by sending notifications links and instructions for pre approval upon arrival.
  • Contractors can upload their documentation such as workplace certificates directly via their smartphones.
  • Pre approval requests are exchanged with assigned approvers, where they can review and accept or decline entry with expiry dates included.
  • Data is stored securely, reducing time when contractors are returning to site.

Safety first with onsite inductions

  • Easily upload user defined induction procedures for designated visitors. This ensures compliance with all designated workplace requirements for the facility.
  • Alerts can be sent upon completion of inductions for record keeping.
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Make hosting visitors seamless

  • Upon arrival visitors contacting their hosts is made safe and easy through alerting the host immediately via email or SMS.
  • Contactless entry and notification is via a QR code or meeting ID.