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Frequently Asked Questions

Ezy Sign-in FAQ’s

Here are some of the common questions asked.

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It’s easy! No matter where you’re located in the world, it only takes a few minutes to sign up and it’s free for 14 days. During the quick sign up process you will be asked to sign-in using your smartphone, showing you how easy it is. Once you’re in, you’ll see your own sign-in record and have access to the Self Serve Portal, which is where most things will be configured to suit your own environment.

Absolutely! There’s detailed instructions for setup procedures, however if you require any help through the process we’re only a quick phone call away…or you can drop us a request through our help centre. We’ll be happy you did. Our support teams do love a good yarn!

Everything! We pack all of it in so you can use whatever feature you need whenever you need it. It’s part of our philosophy and we’re sticking by it. We love building tech, so we won’t hit you with unnecessary charges for additional modules. This can creep up on you and become too costly.

Kiosks are supported using an iPad. Just download the free kiosk app to your iPad and configure it through your admin account in the Self Serve Portal. ID badge printing is also supported through connecting the ID printer (we support the Brother QL-820NWB) to your tablet. Ezy Sign-in can also supply all your Kiosk needs, including hardware and additional accessories. Contact our sales teams to get all the info you need.

Ezy Sign-in has been built from the ground up with contactless sign in in mind. We have two methods of contactless sign in. Firstly, a QR code for each location can be printed and displayed at your locations for scanning using your smartphone. Secondly, for employees, by downloading the Ezy Sign-in app from the app store and linking it to your company’s account. (your administrator will help with this setup).

Ezy Sign-in’s core strength is the ability for you to pre-approve any contractors who will arrive on site to do work. Contractors are notified via email, then directed to a pre-aproval process which may include uploading of certificates or work related documents that may be needed to comply with workplace regulations. Contractors complete the process whilst either on site or remote, and you’re notified via email or SMS to approve or not approve. The process is simple and easy, which makes it safe and secure for your employees and contractors alike.

Within the pre-approval process you can create rules based on requirements needed to make sure you stay compliant. These are things like; vaccine certificates or workplace access documents required by law. With Ezy Sign-in you can decline approvals based on this criteria not being met. There’s also other ways of staying compliant, for example Ezy Sign-in displays who’s signed in and presumably on site. Accessing the Self Serve Portal makes it easier to track people’s movements during an emergency with the real-time dashboard.

Yes it does. You can notify your host that you have arrived at their location by accessing the kiosk app, or even through your Ezy Sign-in smartphone app. Once you’ve scanned your QR code or signed in via the kiosk, your host’s name can be selected. It’s just a few clicks and your host will be sent a message (either via email or SMS) that you’ve arrived and eagerly await their arrival.

Workplaces are changing quickly and we’ve seen a shift in the way we are working remotely, which is either at home or away from our workplace. More remote working means it’s harder to track who is in or out. Work resources have also changed. So we’ve made it easy to notify what location you’re in, and also book desks and meeting rooms. We’ve even included a timesheet feature, so you can monitor shifts, work hours and break hours. It’s all fully compatible with MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks.

We refer to this as Contactless Sign in. You can print QR codes for specific locations, which could either be in the same location with different departments ( like a Reception or Warehouse), or other city or town based locations (like Melbourne or New York). QR codes can be either printed or displayed on a Kiosk, and is refreshed every few minutes to increase security, or kept static. To see QR codes in action just sign up to Ezy Sign-in and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Our Timesheet feature provides a way for employers to configure individual work shifts for each employee. “Clocking in” and “clocking out” is simple through the Ezy Sign-in smartphone app, making it safe and secure being contactless. We give you the ability to design your own timesheets to suit your own payroll systems.

You bet! There’s an easily configurable desk mapping feature, which allows you to upload floor maps and allocated desks available for use. However, at Ezy Sign-in we’re thinking outside the box. We believe booking a desk is only the beginning. So we’re working on our next feature which will book any type of resource you can think of. Whether it’s a power tool on a construction site, a laptop/computer, or even a company car…it’s all do-able!

Ezy Sign-in is cloud based software, meaning it’s built for one, or many locations. Each site can be independent from one another, which makes it easier to configure for each site’s requirements. Each site can also be individually configured, where customers who have multiple companies or divisions can reflect their own brand. Using the Self Serve Portal you gain a single point of control, which means better visibility across all locations. Get all the data you need with in depth reporting to better understand movements across locations, helping you to make better decisions.

Yes, each site or location can have a different logo uploaded to your Ezy Sign-in installations, whether they are on Kiosks or the smartphone app. Simply upload the logos through the Self Serve Portal admin access and you’re good to go.

All sign-ins are recorded in real time and displayed in the Self Serve Portal dashboard. In the activity log you can search by status or location, and the dashboard will display who is currently in a location, and whether they have checked out. The total number of visitors is also displayed for either one or all locations.

We dont mind. We also supply any hardware you may require, such as iPads, iPad floor stands or wall mounts, ID badge printers and UV cleaners to kill all the bugs. The Ezy Sign-in Kiosk app will run on any iPad device. We do recommend the latest version running the latest iOS versions, however the app will work on all iPad models.

We thought you’d never ask! We welcome your input and feedback. Our tech teams are ready to hear your ideas and we would love to work with you to hopefully make your requirements a reality. Get in touch and we’ll get back to you as fast as humanly possible.