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At Ezy Sign-in we’re all about people!

We are passionate about making it safe, secure and easy for people in their workplace, whether it’s in the office, being remote or working from home.

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People are at the heart of what we create

Helping you adapt to changing workplace practices and more

At any time, one of the biggest challenges for workplaces is making sure that employees and visitors remain safe, secure, and have access to the right tools and resources needed to work optimally.

The world is moving quickly to accommodate different working styles, such as fully remote, partially remote (hybrid) and on-site.

Using start-of-the art technology like mobility and cloud, we are passionate about providing solutions to help you take back control of this shift in the workplace.

How we help

With Ezy Sign-in you’ll get real time visibility across your organisation, monitoring who enters your workplaces, who’s booking resources and authorising pre-approved contractors .

This means you can optimise your employee and visitor workflows, whilst keeping your workplace secure and compliant.

Health and safety

Visibility & monitoring of employee/visitor and contractor registration and tracking

Flexible Workplaces

Access to and control over resource booking and management

Regulatory Compliance

Addressing workplace compliance needs, and management in tracking of timesheets

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