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Recently added features

Ezy Sign-in Calendar Integrations

Ezy Sign-in Mobile App with Calendar Integration

It’s landed! Ezy Sign-in now has calendar integration.

Calendar integration means you can confidently use the Ezy Sign-in mobile app to book your resources, like meeting rooms or desks, and the app will automatically send an invite to your calendar. Once there you can accept and also invite others if needed. 

This feature is a very important part of our product road map and re-affirms the passion we have to develop products that meets our customers needs. 

Contact our sales teams to find out more, or if you’re new to Ezy Sign-in, simply try it out for 45 days by entering your email below.

Azure AD Sync integration

Azure AD sync is now available in Beta for all Ezy Sign-in paid account customers. Configure and sync your Azure Active Directory (AD) with your Ezy Sign-in visitor management solution and get all the benefits of ensuring secure and safe access to your user directory. 

Simply configure permissions and authentications by creating your Azure AD directory within your Azure AD account and sync it with your Ezy Sign-in Application. For existing customers please speak with our support team for further details, or try Ezy Sign-in with Azure AD free for 45 days.

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Ezy Sign-in Mobile staff app

New Mobile App with desk & meeting room booking

Available since October, 2022 is the latest version of the Ezy Sign-in Staff App which now has the ability to book desks, meeting rooms and . 

On the latest version of our Staff App, users can choose where they want to book their desk or meeting room directly from their smartphone. Sit next to your favourite co-worker by searching available desks, and booking in advance or on the spot.

The new booking feature is not limited to desks or meeting rooms. You can allocate other resources, like car park locations, or even book IT equipment, power tools and work vehicles! It’s fully customisable to your needs.

Contact our sales teams to find out more, or if you’re new to Ezy Sign-in, simply try it out for 45 days by entering your email below.

Coming soon features

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At Ezy Sign-in we’re always working on new features to meet the needs of our customers. Here’s only some of the features planned for release in the near future. Register below to keep informed when these features get released.

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