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Have you considered using visitor management software for your company? Is it worth the investment? The answer is yes!

Visitor management software helps you control who’s allowed into your office building or premises beyond the front desk. The program works with iPads and printers. Whether you own a small building or large premises, you should install visitor management software not just to maintain a record of the visitors but also to enhance the security and safety of everyone in your organisation. 

The core functionality of Visitor Management Software is to quickly and efficiently, manage and control, who enters your office, who they visit, and for how long. Installing Visitor Management Software can instantly streamline the visitor management process to allow the right people in and keep unauthorised people out of your premises. 

Benefits of Visitor Management Software 

The following are some of the benefits of installing Visitor Management Software in Australia:

Enhanced Security

Logically security can be the most crucial benefit that your business will experience when using visitor management software. In case there is an unauthorised visitor at the front desk of your office, you can quickly identify them and take the most appropriate action. You are reducing the likelihood of intrusions by unauthorised people with unknown motives. The broadcast feature of the software allows you to send messages to all onsite visitors, further enhancing the security of your staff and visitors in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Increases Productivity

If your business is expecting a large number of visitors or has a large number of visitors regularly, you can pre-book their visits using the Meeting Request feature of Ezy Sign in Visitor Management solution. Pre-booking feature of the software can integrate with your email. This process enables you to send by email a meeting invitation with a meeting ID and QR code. Upon arrival, your guest can use either the meeting ID or the QR code to instantly check-in without having to go through the steps of entering their details. Notification of the arrival of guests is sent to the host automatically, and this automated one-touch feature will allow to process and check-in of large numbers of visitors quickly and efficiently. All of these advanced features will lead to increased productivity in your organisation. 

Maintains a Good Reputation

When guests arrive at your office, do they have to wait for someone to attend to them? Do they ring a bell on the desk? Or worst still no one attends to them! A Visitor Management System will allow your guests to self-check-in, and they will appreciate the efficient way of checking-in, and they don’t have to wait! This self-service process will streamline the visitor management process and enhance the reputation of your business.

Features of visitor management software 

  • Visitor Dashboard: You will have instant access to all activities relating to your visitors, and you will be able to drill down further for more detailed information. 
  • Terms & Conditions: You can display the terms and conditions of entry to your business and get your visitors to read the terms and electronically sign to accept the terms. They are safeguarding you from any potential legal threats and actions due to the breaching of terms by someone visiting your business.   
  • Visitor Badges: Printing of sticky visitor badges that can easily be affixed to the visitor allowing for easy identification of visitors and increased onsite security. 
  • Pre-Registration: You and your team can pre-plan visits assisting you and your team with scheduling meetings when convenient. 

Above are just some of the benefits you can enjoy with a Visitor Management System. 


Visitor Management System can help your business streamline the check-in and check-out process and overall improve security for your business. You can try for free and evaluate the benefits for your business. 

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