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How using technology can improve contractor onboarding

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  • How using technology can improve contractor onboarding
How visitor management technology can improve contractor onboarding in your workplace.

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Technology is changing the way you greet guests as well as contractors who need prior approvals when showing up at your workplace. 

As businesses continue to prioritise the safety and security of their employees, visitors, and facilities, many organisations are turning to technology to help manage and streamline the process of greeting visitors and onboarding contractors.

Whether you work in a corporate office, a manufacturer, a school, or any other type of facility, visitor management systems can help you create a more efficient, professional, and welcoming environment for your guests. In this blog, we’ll explore how technology is helping to improve the way we greet visitors in the workplace, and how it can benefit both staff and contractors.

Electronic Check-ins:

These systems allow visitors to check in using a computer or tablet, rather than manually signing in on a paper log book. Electronic check-in systems are more efficient, as they can automatically record the time of the visit, issue a badge or pass, and capture other relevant information (such as the visitor’s name, company, and reason for the visit). 

They can also be more accurate, as they can reduce the risk of errors that can occur when manually writing or transcribing information.

Also, there are different types of guests who enter your workplace, and in most cases they all will require a reason to attend. Whether it’s for meetings, or other contracted works to be completed, guests will require a valid reason and who they are visiting. In the past this was done via a paper log book usually located at reception. 

A paper log book is extremely limiting with regards to providing automation and approvals of visitors and contractors. It also has an inherent flaw in that information in it cannot be shared easily. This is where technology comes in. With a digital visitor management system (VMS), you can send out invitations, as well as requests for information when seeking to pre-approve contractors who will arrive onsite to complete their works.

Authorising your contractors to work onsite

Let’s explore some of the benefits to pre-approving contractors and other guests using technology for signing in visitors and contractors:

  • Increased efficiency: Technology can help to streamline the process of greeting visitors, reducing the time and effort required to check them in, issue badges or passes, and record their information.
  • Improved accuracy: Electronic check-in systems can reduce the risk of errors that can occur when manually writing or transcribing information. They can also make it easier to capture and store relevant data about each visitor, such as their name, company, reason for the visit and any workplace qualifications needed to perform their work duties.
  • Enhanced security: Improved security by making it easier to identify authorised visitors and through pre-approvals obtain the correct authorisation to attend the workplace.
  • Professional appearance: Badge printing and other technological solutions can help to create a more professional appearance and enhance the overall visitor experience.
  • Convenience: Mobile apps and other technical solutions, such as email and SMS alerts can make it easier for visitors to check in, view their visit history, and access other information and resources from their smartphone.

Authorised pre-approvals for contractors and guests

There is so much more to visitor management than simply signing people in and out of your workplace. 

Many organisations will have guests working in their offices who are not their full time employees, however due to the nature of having contractors and third party people coming on site, making sure they are equipped with the right authorisation is not only crucial, it’s required by law. 

So let’s explore how to use VMS technology to help ensure the safety and security of contractors when in your workplace:

Creating your approval request:

Keeping track of your requests across all contractors and employees who are requesting attendance to your workplace can be a huge task. In short it cannot be done effectively through using a paper log book or even through emails. 

Using a VMS can reduce the time and work required to keep track of and maintain records. Your VMS should simply create and send pre-approval requests to your contractors, and only approve them when all conditions are met. For example, only approve a contractor if they have provided their permits, licenses or other qualification documentation.

Automate approval processes:

When using technology like mobile phones, approvals can be conducted via the mobile phone. This means your contractors can respond to your requests when on the go, and at their convenience. This helps speed things up and maintains a record of each response and pre-approval. 

More importantly, approvals can stay in the system for a pre-determined period, which means you can set expiry dates for approved contractors. This also means approved contractors won’t need to seek approval or authorisation every time they visit, cutting down on time and paperwork. All they’ll need to do is search the approved contractors list for their Company at the check-in kiosk and sign in.

Why should you be tracking your contractors?

Keeping track of contractors is important for safety, security, liability, and compliance reasons. It helps to ensure that contractors are properly trained and orientated, that they have been approved to be in specific locations, and that they are following relevant safety and security protocols.


Contractors may not be familiar with your facility’s safety protocols and procedures, and they may not be aware of potential hazards or risks. By keeping track of contractors, you can ensure that they are properly trained and orientated, and that they are aware of any safety measures they need to follow whilst in your workplace.


Contractors may have access to sensitive areas or information in your organisation, and it’s important to ensure that they are approved and authorised to be in these areas and that they are trustworthy. Keeping track of contractors can help to prevent unauthorised access and protect against any security breaches.


If a contractor is involved in an accident or incident whilst on your premises, you may be held liable if it’s determined that you didn’t take adequate precautions to ensure their safety. By keeping track of contractors, you can demonstrate that you have taken reasonable steps to protect their well-being.


There may be legal or regulatory requirements for keeping track of contractors, particularly in industries with strict safety or security regulations. By keeping track of contractors, you can ensure that you are in compliance with these requirements.

Evaluating contractor approval systems for transparency, safety and compliance

In summary, there are definite advantages with tracking, reviewing and approving contractors and it’s crucial to have the means to keep records of who have been approved. This will help you ensure a safe workplace for everyone. 

Outsourcing work to contractors is very commonplace and using a solution like Ezy Sign-in you can take control of your contractor management and approvals to help maintain a level of integrity in your premises. Using technology like visitor management software will help keep track of, and automate workflows. Effectively requesting and keeping records of insurance, safety and other compliance documents will help improve your contractor approval processes and in turn maximising efficiency in the day to day operations of your business.

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