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Before exploring FREE options offered by Ezy signin, let us look at the visitor management process, who needs a visitor management system and why, today, it is required. 

What is the Visitor Management process?

A typical Visitor Management process is greeting your visitors professionally, finding out and recording who they are, where they are from, who are your visitors here to meet and letting the host know they have a visitor.

Sometimes, a receptionist will record visitors’ information, call the host, and let them know they have a visitor. Some organisations use paper logbooks that visitors use pens to register their details. With paper logbooks, someone has to contact the host, usually using a phone to let them know they have a visitor. When the reception area is unstaffed, visitors have to resort to ringing bells that are generally placed on the reception desk or call the host and let them know they are waiting. Not a good look!

Who needs a Visitor Management System (VMS)

Every organisation needs to manage visitors they host and contractors they use to ensure that their organisation runs as smoothly and problem-free as possible. You can say that all businesses, schools and government bodies need a Visitor Management System across all of their facilities. 

Why is a VMS required?

A visitor management system can help trace and track visitors if your facility has been exposed to COVID19. Facilities management can also be achieved when using Ezy signin. Ezy signin’s desk and meeting room booking will enable you to understand the usage patterns & utilisation. Once you have the statistics, you can make better business decisions.

Today an effective visitor management solution includes and is required to:

  • track, manage and monitor who is in any facility 
  • ensure visitor, contractor and staff safety
  • present a professional and a modern look for your organisation 
  • improve visitor experience 
  • provide a contact-less QR Code for signing in by visitors and employees
  • reporting on statistics 
  • comply with government regulations 
  •  manage facilities like meeting rooms and desk usage 

In the event your organisation is audited, you will have all the visitor information you need to be stored in a visitor management system like ezy signin. At a minimum, a visitor management system enables employees and visitors to check-in and check-out, standardises the visitor registration process and can be used for record-keeping.

Cloud-based digital visitor management systems provide real-time information, print visitor badges and help manage the front desk so staff members can focus on other revenue-generating activities. 

Who needs to keep records & why?

Businesses, schools and government bodies need to record information on all visitors they host. Sometimes keeping visitor records is mandated by governments, and other times, they are necessary for Occupational Health & Safety reasons. 

An organisation that does not use any visitor management software or has a standard method across all its facilities is vulnerable to not meeting compliance, being shut down due to COVID19 and negatively impacting its brand. 

Information is power! 

How can a business keep records?

A business can use paper logbooks to record all information relating to visitors manually. However, data stored in paper logbooks are not secure, and there is no easy way to share this information quickly. The best way is to use paid or free visitor management software. 

Free Visitor Management System

Ezy signin’s FREE version of VMS can automate and streamline the visitor management process. The FREE version offers visitor management functionality and allows for 120 visits, screening questions, display T&C’s, badge printing, staff app and more a year at no cost. If you exceed the free 120 visits, you can always top up or move to a paid subscription. 

If you need additional functionality like desk booking, timesheets, employee check-in, branding or multiple locations, you can always upgrade to a paid subscription. 


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, a business can not afford not to have an effective visitor management system across all its offices, warehouses, and other facilities. A digital VMS can simplify, can streamline the visitor management process and automate the record-keeping process. At a minimum, you should implement ezy signin’s FREE version of its visitor management solution.