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Visitor Management

Get affordable visitor management with all the best features.

Greet your guests with secure and easy sign-ins via Kiosk or QR scan on mobile devices.

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Visitor management that makes you look good!

Upgrade your paper log books and go digital including every feature, all in one place

Front Office & Reception


Front Desk Kiosk

Design your own sign-in screen. Customise with your own logo and background graphics.

Using your self serve portal you can upload and store customised login screens to an iPad, so every site looks uniquely different.

Contactless sign-in

No need for touching any shared surfaces.

Display your unique QR code using either your Kiosk app or simply display a printout at reception. The rest is easy, secure and safe.

Instant Notifications

Paper log books are problematic. They are unable to notify hosts when their visitors arrive or send alerts during an evacuation.

Our solution immediately sends sign-in alerts to the right people through email or SMS, freeing up time for your receptionist to conduct more important duties.

ID Badge printing

ID badge printing can be complicated. What printer do I use, what labels should I buy? Do I need special software?

We remove all the complexity through providing a seamless ID badge printing solution that’s accurate and saves time.

Visitor Screening and Safety


Pre-approved Visitors

Streamline visitor and contractor visits with pre-approved sign-in workflows to ensure workplace compliance is met.

Hosts send requests to visitors requiring them to provide their work certificate. Documents can be uploaded directly from a laptop or computer for review, and approvals are sent out electronically before the visitor is even onsite.

Site safety Inductions

Site inductions are essential to keep your workplace safe.

Inductions can be totally customised with the ability to write your own procedures and upload slide presentations. Inductions can also be performed prior to arriving on site through email requests. This reduces time and informs your visitors up front.

Guest Screening

Customised screening keeps employees safe.

Screen your guests through customised questionnaires, with results being sent to your host via email if there’s non-compliance. Users can also upload their compliance certificates like vaccination documents etc.

Tracking & Reporting

Access all your reporting data through the self-serve portal.

Create scheduled reports, or watch activity in real time. Reports can be exported to spreadsheets helping gain all the insights you need like people movements, visitors attendance, pre-approved contractors and more.

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