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The smart time-tracking solution for small to medium businesses.

Configure shifts and breaks for each employee and track all hours worked.

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Take the complexity out of tracking timesheets

Easily configure work shifts & time schedules in minutes for staff across multiple locations

Timesheet Tracking


Customise work shifts

Reduce manually inputting timesheets into other systems.

Configure multiple shift types, morning, evening, night, etc and configure paid or unpaid breaks. Easily track total hours worked for all staff across multiple locations. It’s perfect for small to medium businesses who need to gain efficiency by reducing manual tasks.

Mobile app clock-in/clock-out

Convenient Check-in/Check-out with a mobile app saves time.

Download the free Ezy Sign-in Staff App to gain the simplest way for employees to check in and out when they arrive on site, or when working from home. Time is tracked and registered against their working shifts.

Configure & export to payroll systems

Save precious time and reduce manual inputs of timesheets.

Export timesheets to excel and directly upload to your payroll system within minutes. Simply match your fields and it's only a few clicks to export, giving you an ongoing record of all shifts worked across all employees.

Insightful reporting

Get insights into employee working hours and people movement to help optimise your workplace.

Realtime and scheduled reporting provides a way of knowing exactly what time your employees begin and end their shifts, reducing any payroll errors.

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