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Hot Desk Room Booking System

Empower hybrid workers to book desks and meeting rooms from anywhere

Easily reserve hot desks and meeting rooms and gain valuable insights to help you right-size your office needs.

We make it easy for employees to collaborate when on site

Gain accurate insights to help right-size your office layouts

Desk & Room Booking


Reserve desks & meeting rooms

View availability and see where you’re teammates are sitting.

Book a desk for the day in advance via the staff mobile app. You gain visibility of where your colleagues are sitting and for how long.

Calendar integration makes it even easier to manage your day.  Simply create your booking that suits you best, and it appears as a calendar invite. 

Whether you’re using Google Calendar, Office or Teams, we have you covered! 

Book desk and meeting rooms with calendar integration

Right-size Your Office

Consolidate up to 40% of your office costs with a Hybrid workforce

Typically offices are now mandating a three day in-office working week. This has yielded higher efficiencies and increased output, however what about your office facility costs?

You can get up to a 40% reduction in desk or office space by implementing an allocated three day per week in-office policy. For instance, that’s going from five floors to three!

What would this mean in actual cost reductions for you? Well, if your current rental/lease is $200K annually, this means a new cost base of $120K, saving you $80K per year!

Hybrid working office reduction calcs

Customise your workplace

Upload and configure floor plans

Simply upload and allocate available desks and meeting rooms.

Configured in three simple steps:

  1. Upload your floor plans for each site and select floor number
  2. Drop in desks and meeting room icons where appropriate
  3. Add a name and description to desks or rooms and you’re done!

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Companies trust Ezy Sign-in to help manage and protect their workplaces

How to get started

Everything you need in one simple package!

Get The Full Package

You get visitor management and a whole lot more for multiple sites.

So much added value, like Contractor onboarding, Desk & Meeting room booking and more, starting at $89/month.

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Only need Visitor Management?

Our Basic version is free forever for one location.

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