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A workplace management solution tailor made for construction

Save time, reduce paper records and seamlessly integrate into your current processes


  • Streamline contractor approval process without documentation
  • Send Pre approval requests electronically
  • Set automatic expiry dates on approvals
  • Reduce time when returning onsite


  • User defined induction procedures for designated visitors
  • Compliance with all designated workplace requirements for the facility
  • Alerts sent upon completion of inductions for record keeping


  • Contractors upload workplace (work cards) certificates directly via their smartphones
  • Electronically upload vaccine certificates
  • Site specific customised visitor policies during check-in

Contactless Sign-in

  • QR codes for visitor sign-in
  • Kiosk tablet signin
  • Screening questions (Covid19 requirements)
  • Alerts can be sent for any discrepancies upon sign in

What our customers are saying

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We have had the pleasure of using the Ezy Signin visitor management system now at Dincel for approximately 2 years and in this time we have found this system extremely faultless.

It has helped us streamline the visitor, contractors and temps coming into our office effortlessly to say the least. So professional and quick to act any request. We highly recommend Ezy Sign-in for all your company requirements regarding visitors.

Karen B

Solving your onsite compliance needs

You get all the features, all in the one place…always!

Pre-approved Contractors

Streamline contractor visits with pre-approved sign-in workflows like work certificate uploads and site induction procedures, that save time and keeps your office compliant.

Contactless sign-in

No need for touching any shared surfaces with smartphone apps to sign-in visitors.

Screen for safety

Customise screening to keep employees safe knowing they’ll arrive and leave safely.

Customised alerts

Send sign-in and capacity alerts to the right people through email or SMS.

Secure and scalable

Many office locations? We have multi-site support with all data kept securely in the cloud and accessible any time.

Asset booking system

Empower employees to reserve almost any resource including desks, computers and even vehicles.

Real time Reporting

Access all the reporting data through the dashboard like people movements, visitors attendance, pre-approved contractors and more.

Time sheets/cards

Flexible monitoring of in-out clock in for employees through contactless time sheets via smartphone apps.

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