Visitor management system Features

Touch Free Check-In/Out

Contactless check-in is the future of reception at modern offices, even after this COVID-19 lockdown. Therefore, team Ezy Sign-in has developed QR based reception management system which will allow your visitors to check-in without the need of touching the iPod.

All they have to do is to scan the QR code using their smartphone, and the entire visitor registration process will be on their phone for complete protection against coronavirus infection.

Ezy Signin upgraded with the objective of deterring any possibility of coronavirus infection at your workplace because of the strangers running in at your office everyday. Easy-to-use, all your visitor has to do is to scan the QR code from the iPad on the front desk.

Visitor Management Without IPad

Upgrade to our revolutionary visitor management system without investing big money on buying an iPad and a digital printer. This QR-code based express check-in system delivers an ultimate experience to your daily visitors and business clients.

First, you need to obtain the unique QR code from the App dashboard, and then print it over a piece of sheet. The visitor just needs to scan that QR code placed at the reception desk via their smartphone. After that, a visitor sign-up form functionality will be their smartphone; they need to fill in by providing their details, and move into your business premises.

With no badge printing and no iPad, this reception management system has considerably low upfront costs, therefore ideal for small business places and offices.


It can be frustrating for regular and repeat visitors to have to enter in their details every time they visit.

Using Ezy Signin’s Return Visitor feature means that returning visitors go through a simple process of entering in their phone number and selecting the person they are visiting to notify their host. Ezy Signin does all of the heavy lifting of completing the rest of the details in the background.

A returning visitor does not need to go through the full process of inputting their details. Ezy Signin remembers the visitor and makes it as easy as possible for return visitors to check in and check out.


Ezy Signin’s mobile check out feature allows visitors to check out using their mobile phones at the end of their meeting. .

Once a visitor has checked themselves in Ezy Signin sends a link via SMS that can be used by the visitor at the end of their meeting to check out. This innovative feature allows visitors to check out directly from their mobiles phone without the need for them to return to the point of entry, saving their time and providing great user experience.


Display company terms and conditions of entry using Ezy Signin’s T&C’s feature.

Make company visitor information available to ensure compliance with company terms and conditions of entry, induction process, emergency escape plans or any other procedures that need to be followed whilst on site. Capture a digital signature to confirm understanding and acceptance of any terms and conditions by the visitor. Upon request a copy of the document can also be emailed to the visitor and company HR department.

Helping you meet your legal obligations to protect the health, safety and welfare of all your employees and visitors to your business.


Ezy Signin’s image capture feature works seamlessly with iPads in built camera so a photo of the visitor can be captured at the point of entry when the visitor checks in.

This photo can be used to print a visitor badge and also help identify the visitor should there be a requirement to do so.

The photo is only taken once and is reused for any repeat visits making the process of checking in as easy and efficient as possible.


A sticky visitor badge can be printed using the optional label printer.

The badge will include information provided by the visitor during the check in process and their photo (or print without a photo). An easy way to identify your visitor, organisation they represent the person they are visiting, the time and date the checked in.


Ezy Signin’s advanced meeting booking feature allows the host to pre-book meetings with any pending visitors.

A pre-booked meeting makes it easy for the visitor to check in by simplifying the check in process. Ezy Signin will generate a QR code and a meeting ID and send this to the visitor by email. Upon arrival, the visitor checks in by either scanning the QR code or by entering in the meeting ID. Either method will allow for an efficient check in without the visitor having to go through the process of entering in their details. Delivering a seamless check in experience.


Ezy Signin keeps a log of all visitors, organisation represented, dates, times and duration of the visits, person visited and reason for the visit.

The host can access this information on a personal level and the administrator can access this information on an organisational level. This data can be used for analytics to make decisions that help your business grow.


A visitor notification is sent to advise the host that they have a visitor. Ezy Signin’s email and SMS features can be used to send notifications once a visitor has checked themselves in. Notifications can be sent to the visitor and the host.

Sending notifications ensures that the host can meet with their visitor without delay and keep meetings running on time. In the event of a delay the host can contact the visitor and advise the visitor of the delay making sure that visitor can relax and do other things while they wait.

A receptionist no longer needs to be interrupted from doing their job of answering and directing incoming calls or putting people on hold to tend to the visitors waiting at the front desk. The visitors easily check themselves in and Ezy Signin will send the notification to their host.


Using the intuitive administrative portal, the administrator can easily manage all of the available settings. The administrator can customise the Visitor Management Solution to meet the needs of their Corporate Office, Government Department or Educational Organisation.

Various types of Data can also be exported in excel format for analysis and continuous improvement of customer service and visitor experience.