Frequently Asked Questions

  • Basics

  • Ezy Signin is a visitor management system that can be used in the corporate world, Educationals institutions, hotels, etc. Ezy Signin helps to secure user premises. It allows users to record all visitors on premises, identify them by their Name Badge and keep a record of who they met with, for how long and for what purpose.
  • Ezy Signin works in the following ways:

    1. Visitors enter the office, lobby or reception area.

    2. ChecksIn-self service using Ezy Signin App on an iPad.

    3. Select their hosts

    4. Visitors complete their details.

    5. visitors take their photo.

    6. Ezy Signin app sends a notification to the host(by email and SMS)

    7. Visitor prints a name batch.

    8. The hosts greet their visitors for meeting

    9. Meets with the visitor.

    10. Visitor check out at the iPad or from their phone(SMS functionality required for checking out using the smartphone)

  • Registration

  • To sign up user need to click on sign up and then user need to fill name, valid email id and has to set a password
  • The details entered during the sign up i.e username and password need to be filled to sign in.
  • In sign in there is a "forgot password" option where the user clicks on it, then it asks for the email and on that email, the user will get a new password to reset the password.
  • Once the user who is the authority head or who is working under the management system of any corporate world, hotel or Educational institution can act as a client. This client has the authority to add staff and manage visitor. Staff or team members get added through the client portal and these staff can manage visitors, and send them a meeting invitation through their portal.
  • Ezy Signin IOS App

  • Ezy Signin IOS app work for the visitor. Visitor can directly walk-in or meeting invitation can be sent to the visitor through the staff(host).

    Once the visitor comes to the reception he could use the IOS app to check in. User can select the host. The visitor needs to enter his/her details, should agree to terms and condition with his signature, have their black and white photo taken for an id batch. After these details are filled IOS app sends the notification to the host via email and SMS.

  • Meeting id is system-generated number id that can be directly entered by the user during check in when they have received the invitation from the staff end. The visitor receives the meeting id via email when they get the invitation from the staff.
  • Scan barcode is a system-generated barcode that can be scanned by the user during check in when they have received the invitation from the staff end. The visitor receives the barcode via email when they get the invitation from the staff.
  • Returning users are the existing users who have already checked In through Ezy Signin IOS app and already have all their details in the company data.
  • When the visitor had their meeting completed with their host they can checkout through the same IOS app or through the link they received for checkout on their mobile via SMS.
  • Subscription Plans

  • There are three subscription plans available with Ezy Signin

    1. Free Trial(14 days free trial)

    2. Corporate pack(49$ per month)

    3. Enterprise(for large multilocation organizations)

  • Hardware

  • For Ezy Signin the following Hardware is required:

    1. Brother QL 820NWB Label Printer $329 ex GST (Inc. delivery)

    2. 2 x Brother DK-22205 Label Rolls $70 ex GST / $35 ex GST each. (Inc. delivery)

    3. iPad tablet holder stand, rotatable Aluminum Alloy desktop $60 ex GST. (Inc. delivery) Other options available on request

    4. iPad, 32 GB, Wi-Fi & 9.7” Display $499 ex GST. (Inc. delivery)

    5. Subscription plan.