Employee In/Out

Touchless Employee In/Out Tracking System

Ezy Signin provides a safe and secure way by just putting employee's mobile number through iPad or on their mobile phones after scan QR code. Increase efficiency at your reception area by going paperless or unsafe fingerprint attendance. From the admin dashboard, your HR or admin team can easily access the real-time dashboard. You can also ask screening or signin questions to your employee before entering your premises. In addition to knowing employees in/out, Ezy Signin provides a visitor and desk management system for your smart office.

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touchless employee in/out tracking system
how to use with qr based in/out

How to use with QR based In/Out

First, you need to obtain the unique QR code from the App dashboard, and then print it over a piece of sheet. The employee just needs to scan that QR code placed at the reception desk via their smartphone.

Key Features
  • #Manage Staff
  • #Real-time Reports
  • #Screening Questions
  • #QR Code or iPad
  • #Fully Customized Forms
  • #Schedulers To Send Report
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How to use with iPad system

There is an option under iPad welcome screen, Employee In/Out, The employee just needs to enter their mobile number and the system will ask screening/checkin questions (If any). You can customize these buttons according to your requirement. An employee can still use their smartphone after scan QR codes from the iPad.

Key Features
  • #iPad check In/Out
  • #Screening questions
  • #Staff dashboard feature
  • #Staff attendance sheet
  • #Safe & Secure Way
  • #Use with visitor management for a complete office solution
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how to use with iPad system

Replace your Attendance Register, Time Cards, or Fingerprint System with a modern approach that saves your time and includes all the benefits of Simple In/Out.

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Ezy Signin is a one-stop solution for all your workplace visitor management needs. From unexpected guests to regular visitors, you can keep a track of everyone who is visiting your place. It comes with smart safety features to make the user experience better.

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