Desk Booking System

Desk and Meeting Room Reservations For Your Staff.

desk booking system

Desk Booking System

The desk booking software empowers your office employees with simplified desk reservations, meeting room reservations, space availability tracking, add new, modify or cancel your seat plan with a quick and easy solution.

Key Features
  • #The cloud based desk & meeting room booking solution
  • #Manage your floor maps from admin dashboard
  • #Real-time scheduling
  • #Pre-booking system for your staff
  • #Find your colleague feature
  • #Use with our visitor management for a complete office solution
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Benefits of Desk Booking System

Your staff can book their space before arriving at the office. And hence no wastage of time searching for a place to work.

Your staff can easily choose the best area/workstation/place to work together.

We provide Digital workplace solution for smart places.

Search your colleagues on the floor plan and book a nearby seat.

Set social distancing from the floor plan in minutes.

Booking in advance is simple, as you can easily check when the desk/meeting room you want will become available.

Real-time reporting from admin dashboards.

Desk Booking System Bnefits

The desk booking system helps you to downsize your office space. After COVID, now everyone wants to save their office rent and other expenses. The desk booking system will help you to manage your employee with limited workstations.

Ezy Signin provides you a centralized dashboard to manage all desks and meeting rooms. Mobile-friendly and accessible from anywhere. Smart, simple and easy to use.

Organize your workforce with a Visitor/Employee/Desk management system and enable a hybrid work experience for your people.

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Ezy Signin is a one-stop solution for all your workplace visitor management needs. From unexpected guests to regular visitors, you can keep a track of everyone who is visiting your place. It comes with smart safety features to make the user experience better.

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