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Covid-19 has completely shut down the world economy, a significant number of businesses have closed permanently and hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives. People are isolated, suffering mental health issues, and our movements aremrestricted to help combat the spread of the virus.

Returning to your place of work, where you can is a priority. But any return to work comes with government-enforced compliance. Businesses need to keep a record of all people movements to and from their premises. There are several ways data can be captured, maintained and shared. The old fashioned way you can use pen and paper, or your receptionist can make notes, or you can come up with something altogether different that will help you with this requirement.

How our solution helps

The best way to meet compliance, screen visitors with COVID19 specific questions , share data if required and help manage the spread of COVID19 is to use our digital visitor management solution Ezy Signin.

how our solution helps
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Whether you operate a small, mid-size or a large B2B business, a school, a government department or any other business you can try our Visitor Management Solution FREE OF COST FOR 14 DAY'S to see how easily itcan meet your needs and reduce risks associated with COVID-19.

If you are operating a restaurant, cafe or a bar you can try our Front Desk app FREE OF COST FOR 14 DAY'S and see quickly it can meet your needs.

Our Offer During Covid-19

We are confident that Ezy Signin will meet your visitor management requirements now and into the future.

If you email us and mention that you have read our page on COVID19, we will offer you a reduction in the subscription price for the first 12 months "Limited Time Offer".

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our offer during covid-19

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Ezy Signin is a one-stop solution for all your workplace visitor management needs. From unexpected guests to regular visitors, you can keep a track of everyone who is visiting your place. It comes with smart safety features to make the user experience better.

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