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visitor management software

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Visitor management software digitises and automates the process of checking in and checking out people that visit your Office, Department, and School.

Visitor management software is designed to help better manage visitors to your Business, School and Government Department. Visitor management software is smart software that offers new and time-saving ways/methods to automate the check-in/check-out process of recording movements of visitors within your building.

If you are still using paper-based visitor logbooks and making your visitors wear lanyards around their necks! then you need to explore what a Visitor Management Software System can do for you and your business to meet the demands of the digital age.

Paper-based visitor management logbooks are cumbersome to use, they offer no Security, are an eyesore, are harmful to the environment, and are an antiquated way of managing visitors. They also portray a negative image to your visitors of a company that is not keeping up with the digital age. Many schools and colleges use a variety of software solutions that are available today to prevent.

Many schools and colleges use a variety of software solutions that are available today to prevent unauthorised visitors from entering their premises and ensure the safety of their students and teachers alike. Many businesses and highly secured government departments also use such software to control and eliminate unauthorised visitors. Facilities like prisons that require a higher level of security are moving towards biometric tools to help them manage and secure their premises. It won’t be too long before these biometric tools are also made available to businesses schools and government departments.

There are several options available to you when considering a Visitor Management System for your organisation. You can deploy an on-premises solution where you have to provide server infrastructure, maintenance, and support or you can look at cloud-based solutions where all of the infrastructure and support and maintenance is provided by the Vendor. Most on-premises solutions come with a higher cost and also have ongoing support costs. Whereas a cloud-based solution is usually subscription-based with payments made annually. Most cloud-based solutions you can set and forget and enjoy the benefits of an automated visitor management process.

Most visitor management solutions can be deployed easily by having a valid subscription, an iPad with a Wi-Fi connection, and a wireless label printer.

Ezy Signin is one of the easiest solutions to deploy and manage. Most local and national businesses can subscribe and use the cloud-based Application within minutes. For global organisations with multiple locations, they can use the cloud-based application, or Ezy Signin can be customized and deployed on-premises.

There are no excuses for not securing and automating the visitor experience. Ezy Signin helps you manage your visitor experience and enhance your brand image.

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