EZY SIGNIN Add-Ons take your solution to Enterprise Level

Boot-up Your 'EZY SIGNIN' Solution With These Addons

EZY SIGNIN Multiple Sites

  • Manage all site/locations from one central dashboard.
  • Manage individual branding for each location.
  • Activate badge printing by site/location.
  • Set up employees based on site/location.
  • Automate reports based on sites/locations.

EZY SIGNIN Employee In/Out

  • Replace antiquated systems with a digital system for employee check-in/out.
  • Utilise ezy signin’s latest Staff APP so employees can check-in directly from mobile devices.
  • Screening questions for employees to ensure health & safety at your facilities.
  • Real-time activity and status updates in your central admin dashboard.
  • Schedule automated reports on a daily/weekly or monthly basis.

EZY SIGNIN Desk Booking System

  • Ezy signin’s desk & meeting room booking solution .
  • Manage your floor maps from admin dashboard.
  • Real-time scheduling.
  • Pre-booking system for your staff.
  • COMING SOON - Enable your staff to book desks/meeting rooms directly from the “Staff App”.

EZY SIGNIN Timesheet Report

  •  Manage Shifts for every employee.
  •  Custom format set up for MYOB, XERO, QuickBooks, etc.
  • Calculate hours worked, break hours and paid/unpaid check-in/out status.
  • Download or create customizable timesheets for your payroll system.

EZY SIGNIN Onsite Induction

  • Automate and deliver inductions onsite to all visitors, contractors & employees.
  • Upload vaccine certificates, police clearance documents and other documents.
  • Create Site-specific inductions for all of your sites.
  • Set expiry dates to update and renew inductions as needed.
  • Ensure the health and safety of all your staff, visitors & contractors.
  • Help Comply with Governments workplace health & safety requirements.

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The way people work has changed, office real estate requirements for business are changing. Health & safety is a priority for everyone. Adopting new technologies that can help your business thrive post-pandemic is a must! Visitor Management Solution from ezy signin can help businesses, schools, & governments collect and collate the data needed to decide on the future workplace. To lead and set a new standard in safety for your organisation and right-size your office space, you need the right tools to manage processes and collect the correct information.

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